How can I know my ring size?

There are several ways to know the size you need for your ring, but keep in mind that the fingers swell in the heat and also tend to be more swollen at the end of the day. For this, it is advisable to measure it at that moment to make sure that it does not squeeze you and is comfortable to wear.

– The most reliable way is to go to a jewelry store and ask them to tell you your measurement. Of course, take advantage and take a look at their jewels that surely have interesting things and thus collaborate with the local business.

– Another way is to measure the inside diameter of a ring (alliance type) that you have as shown in the following photo . To tell if you’re right in the middle of the ring, simply take the largest measurement of the number of times you look at it, and that will be the diameter. Once you have the measurement, look in the following table for your size. If you hesitate between 2 sizes, I always recommend taking the larger one.

– If the above ways are not possible, you can also find out the size by using a piece of paper to measure around your finger or a tape measure. Of course, put it so that it does not squeeze. For me it is the most risky way but it works if you measure it several times and you always get the same value. Do it as shown in the following image and check your size in the table.

How to care for your jewelry?

Sterling Silver jewelry can be wet and cleaned with metal polish that you can find even in supermarkets, but aged silver (dark effect) has a layer of patina that will rub off or use cleaning products , so just use soap and water and don’t scrub it too much. It is better not to wet these jewels with an aged effect. Otherwise, over time they will lighten.

Brass jewelry cannot get wet and can also be cleaned with metal cleaner , but do it only if it is really necessary because they are pieces that have a layer of varnish precisely to protect it, and if you clean it with these products they will end up losing the varnish.

Moisture is not good for any metal so be sure to carefully dry your jewelry after cleaning or if it gets wet with sweat.

Keep in mind that sometimes the PH of the skin and sweat can react with metal.

I recommend that you do not use creams or put perfume where the jewelry may be in contact. It is better not to store your jewelry together with other metals with which they could react or scratch. There are delicate chains and parts, so be careful never to apply force or pull to prevent them from breaking or twisting. Especially in summer as the heat softens the silver and it is easier to bend.