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My name is Rut Rotger and I am a mother of two treasures, an entrepreneur, and self-taught. Yes, just like that, although it seems crazy, that’s me, hehe. I have always been extremely creative, from a very young age, one of those who spend the day with a thousand birds on their heads and making crafts with whatever I find (a hobby that my eldest son has inherited).


I managed to get a Tourism degree and work for many years in hotels and travel agencies organizing company events, but I wasn’t happy like that.

After a while learning to make jewelry on my own, researching from here to there, with online courses, consultations with jewelers, and a lot of practice and the odd little disaster, that’s when I decided to jump into the pool and set up my own jewelry business.


And here I am still 6 years later, happy with my work and my family (which of course are my favorite jewel) and learning more every day to work better and give you a better service.

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